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Network Engineering


What will I be doing as a Network Engineering?

Network Engineering design, implement, maintain and support network infrastructure such as local-area networks (LAN), wide-area networks (WAN) for organizations. Their job is to maintain data continuity for end users by monitoring networks and peripherals. They also plan, coordinate and implement corporate network security.

What Training and Qualifications Do I need?

To be more marketable Network Engineer should obtain their certification in either Microsoft or Cisco Track. In addition, they must be proficient with network infrastructure. They should be able to design, implementation, and administration of local area networks, wide area network and network security. Problem solving, analytical and communication skills are important.

What is the Job Outlook?

Employment of Network Engineer is growing much faster than the average.(Source: U.S Department of Labor)

What jobs can I find once I have received a Certificate from AULAC Institute  (KIAcademy- Konwledge Innovations Academy)?

Upon completion of the Network Engineering at AULAC Institute  (KIAcademy- Konwledge Innovations Academy), students can work as an entry level Systems Administrators, Network Admin or Network Engineer.

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